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please hold me the forgotten way

Tony and I leave for New York tonight. Here is our itinerary so far. Please, if you're around, come join us! Make plans with us! Take over our question marks!

Aside from the shows and an overwhelming desire to eat at Shopsin's, (I Like Killing Flies), our itinerary is very open. We figure any unaccounted chunks of time can be filled with sillies from the ZoomDoggle Fun List NYC.


6 am - Arrival.
Noon - Lunch with Mordicai.
7 pm - Sleep No More. Punchdrunk, a British site-specific theater company, has taken over three abandoned warehouses and crafted them into an insanely detailed, art deco, film noir, one hundred room Hitchcockian hotel, for a haunting, immersive performance loosely shadowed on Macbeth. The level of detail sounds astounding, especially given the wide range of rooms, (everything from a sweets shop to a hospital room, and the witches have a rave). According to the NY Times review, "everyone who attends “Sleep No More” is required to wear (and keep on) a Venetian carnival-style mask. You are also asked not to utter a word during the two and a half hours you are given to follow the characters of your choice from room to room. But you are encouraged to poke around in corners and trunks and bookcases, and allowed to get as close as (in)decency permits to the lithe-bodied denizens of this chic spook house. (Just don’t touch them, though they may well reach out and touch you.)".


?? - Walk along Highline park.
8 pm - Dances of Vice presents their 4th Anniversary bash, Enchantment Under The Sea, a Back To The Future-esque 50's themed junior/senior prom at Morningside Castle. A teaser from GeekChicDaily says, "... like Marty McFly's hand, tickets will vanish fast. Don't be a slacker. Get yours before the clocktower strikes the 11th hour. It's gonna be heavy."*


?? - Visit CB I Hate Perfume.
5 pm - The COILHOUSE Black & White & Red All Over Fundraising Ball at the velvet drenched Red Lotus Room in Brooklyn, featuring music and spectacle galore from people like Kim Boekbinder, Brian Viglione of the Dresdon Dolls, Molly Crabapple, Jessica Joslin, Muffinhead, and the Purevile! Girls. "A Love Letter To Alternative Culture" come to life! This just might turn out to be the party of the year.*
7 pm - Fuerza Bruta, an extraordinary show, absurd, messy, and very, very fun. There's bright lights, loud music, dancing, confetti drop bombs, explosions, someone gets shot, it rains indoors, and a swimming pool comes down from the ceiling. It's kind of A Thing. I loved it when I saw it in May, (thanks to Duncan for telling me about it), and now Tony is determined that we go.
9 pm - Back to the Coilhouse Ball!


Noon - Lunch with Mordicai.
5 pm - Departure.

*There's a special $25 package deal available for general admission to both Enchantment Under The Sea and The Black & White & Red All Over Ball.
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"The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage." - Thucydides

I'm packing for Burning Man today. I feel unprepared because everything feels so last minute, even though I made sure to make an excellent reference of my suitcase last year and I've already collected and tested out the majority of my heavy camping gear. (Repaired the air mattress, rinsed out the water jugs, tested my tent in the park across the street). I only have days to be ready, instead of weeks. I leave for Seattle on Tuesday, then I don't get back from New York until the 23th, at which point I turn right around and go back South again, a flame headed pendulum, slicing not hours but days from the time I have to prepare. There's no margin for error. If I miss something, the only chance to get it will be on the way, which is likely to be scoured clean of supplies by other Burners.

I have to pack for my New York trip today, too, which, even though it's only a quick weekend trip, feels almost more overwhelming given that we're going to not one, but two fancy dress occasions. How do you pack for a costume ball when you don't know what to wear? My stress amuses me, though. I feel blessed to have #firstworldproblems.

I'm hacking my cycle today as well, kick starting my period two weeks early rather than having it hit me in the desert. (The first cup of tea was a wash, made by accident with rosehips in, but the second stinging cup has been okay, should be enough. Mint instead of raspberry, that's the key.) Odd that tinkering with my basic biology has been the least stressful part of the day, but there you go. Maybe I should pack my seriously silly-sized tutu. That and a corset. Too overdone? Hard to dance in. And red stockings. Do those exist in Vancouver? They must.

This on top of the 1500 photos I have to cut down to 50, print out, and assemble artfully into an erotic pillow book for a client. (I've already cut it down to under 500 and I've been staring at a perfect ass for so long I'm starting to think I'm at Addrianna's house.) Sleep? What's that?
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The Primer
by Christina Davis

She said, I love you.

He said, Nothing.

(As if there were just one
of each word and the one
who used it, used it up).

In the history of language
the first obscenity was silence.
  • An ASL interpretation of Crazy, by Gnarls Barkly
  • An ASL interpretation of F*ck You, by Cee Lo.

    My lover's been whisked away this weekend, tossed without warning onto a late-night flight. I was going to head down to Chinatown today for the New Year's parade but, in the light of this very sudden change of plans, I decided to stay in and finally print out my finished tax paperwork instead. Maybe attack some of my often neglected German lessons or my backlog of programming tutorials, too. Do laundry. Productivity in solidarity! Jah. Der junge ist in einem flugzeug. Das mädchen wartet mit liebe in ihrem herzen.

    Also on the to-do list: hang the aluminum deer head, sift through the last three two mess boxes, get printer ink, print tax forms, make a packet of them and mail them off, polish the silver tea-cups, update the minimalfox blog, sort the mending, do some mending, bathe the cats, clean out the hall closet, list more things for sale, finish David's laundry, fold the towels, research nifty stops for April's roadtrip, find a SATA case enclosure, apply for another First Aid certificate, patch the wall, fix the coat rack, get signed up for Quest, take the returnables to the recycling center, measure art for framing, find suitable picture frames, write a poem and a love letter, track down An Idiot Abroad, deliver books to Jenn, rediscover my recipe for cake-inna-cup, bleach the shower curtain, harass Young Drivers of Canada, arrange for more driving lessons, rewrite my CV, update A Thread of Grace, identify what's in the mystery cord drawer, go swimming, soak in a hot tub, fiddle with, replace duvet, help clean mum's house, empty and sand the bureau, check my contacts prescription, acquire contacts, replace the VHS, find out the shipping costs for the IKEA flooring, take the medium format film to The Lab to be processed, attempt ice-skating, sort the linens, attack under the bathroom sink, take vitamins, rearrange what's on the living-room walls, properly group my data, find the paperclips, back up the laptop, shed a light into the shadows of my heart, lime powder my boots, re-glue the soles, find a home for the electric pussy-willow, paint the baroque frame in my bedroom, replace my bike chain, get a spindle of blank DVDs, tidy the pigeon-holes, file and folder paperwork by year, update Craigslist postings, catch up on photo processing, attend a poetry slam, reply to neglected letters, change the sheets, bake cookies, listen to more Vampire Weekend, put all my change into a penny jar, replace a hook on a bra, try to track down silver-notebook, have a snuggly date night, collect my mail from Seattle, take more pictures of my friends, untangle my computer cable spaghetti, make some media mix-tapes, schedule a Sunday Tea...
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    Jenn and I did something heroic yesterday - all of my taxes from 1999-2009. I've never filed before, so it was a fairly epic tour of paperwork and numbers that took from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. that I couldn't have done without her. Now that we're finished, it's official: I've always been poor. According to the numbers, I've never even made enough to hit the poverty line. Instead, I'm far beneath it. Forget turtles, it's been struggle, all the way down.

    In the face of that, and as part of my latest effort to combat poverty, I've started listing things on Craigslist again. Not very much, as I don't have very much, but fingers crossed! It's always nice to pass things on to people who want them, like this morning when someone gave me ten dollars for my white hard hat to finish off their Chilean Miner Halloween costume.

    More items will be added later as I continue my quest to tidy house and sell what I can to help feed the cats.

  • Bella Hair Dryer - $10
  • Brother MFC-465CN Color Fax/Printer/Scanner/Copier w. Networking - $80
  • Child's Tiger Costume - $15
  • Misc CDs - $1
  • Misc VHS - $1
  • Multipet Ba-Da-Beam Rotating Laser Cat Toy - $10
  • Obus Forme Variable Speed Massager - $35
  • Ron English: Abject Expressionism - $35
  • Seabiscuit: An American Legend - $2
  • Toshiba SD-V392 DVD/VCR Combo, Silver - $80
  • Willy Wonka tin lunchbox - $30
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    I've been finally attacking the extra stuff in my house, much of it left here by other people or from a time when I lived in a house instead of a three room apartment. It helps that poor people buy less, so the influx of new things has gone from a slow trickle to almost zero. Plus, unemployment may be depressing, but it certainly makes for a lot more "free" time.

    My cleaning method is fairly simple: clean what you have time for, put everything else in boxes to be sorted later. The idea is to separate the mess into smaller, more manageable chunks that can be sifted through later until everything has either found a home or been put aside to be sold or recycled. The upside is a tidier apartment, the downside is that I never quite know what's where. The other problem is that the boxes pile up in closets and spare corners when life gets busy, untouched for weeks or even months, a perfect example of out of sight, out of mind. If I need something, where is it? How much space am I using up with things I don't need?

    The first step to conquering the boxes is to actually set aside some space and open one. (Or even better, two). It's often surprising what I'll find inside. Anything small enough to fit in a box has probably been fit into a box. Anything! So usually when I decide to tackle one, I lay out some tools - a recycling box and a garbage bag. I also like to have a space set aside for things to sell or donate. That way, no matter what it is I find, I can immediately sort it into place. Is it something I missed while it was packed away? Then I find a home for it in the apartment. If I can't, back in the box. If I didn't miss it or it isn't important, it's discarded. Eventually, the boxes begin shrinking. Five to three to two to one.

    Some of what I find is difficult to place, though, so I have to ask myself harder questions. The broken things I find, the ones I always intended to fix - are they worth keeping? It can be hard to let go of broken things, especially if you're like me and tend to mend rather than replace, (save the environment! save money!), but will I actually get around to it? It's hard to admit, but unless I fix something within two weeks, it might as well be never. The flash of guilt I get for discarding something that could have been saved is overwhelmed by the fact that I will never have to feel bad about it again. The same with gifts I never use that I've received from people I like. They meant well and that's what counts. The thing itself can go.

    Given my recent progress, my goal is have all the boxes emptied and dealt with by the end of October. The rest of the plan is to go through the rest of the apartment and get rid of everything else we've been meaning to sell or give away, like the unwanted-stuff pile that's swallowed our front hall. List it all on Craigslist. Apartment yard-sale anyone?
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    Cleaning: Boxes of misc. need to be sorted, tidied, reintegrated into my room.
    Driving: Signed up for Young Drivers of Canada classes, Oct 13th - Nov 8th.
    Education: Social Services may pay for a First Aid certificate, but not school. Need to research student loans.
    Employment: Still on welfare. Still applying to everything possible. No recent job prospects or call-backs, no upcoming interviews.
    Finances: Income = rent minus $25. Immediate Debt = $9000. Approx. complete and total debt = $27,500.
    Health: Degloved toe is almost better, with the possibility it may not even scar. Need new contacts.
    Photography: Continuing to slowly finish, update Etsy store, Thread of Grace.
    Repairs: All hard-drives are with Tony, being backed up. Coat rack still broken.
    Taxes: Need to have an accountant double-check my paperwork.


    Tony and I have reached a new place in our relationship. Gone are the stressful plans to move me down there, fighting the system for permits, trying to game immigration. Instead he's decided to start looking into moving back to Canada, the country that birthed him, until I can find a way to sharpen my skills to the point when I can claim a job in the United States. Of all the options available to us to live together, it seems the easiest way. Microsoft has appropriate work for him here and David and I are willing to shuffle everything required to make him fit. It's been a rough direction for me, as it feels like defeat, like I'm giving in to this horrible city, but I'm trying to remain optimistic. No matter how much I hate it here, wherever we're together is automagically a better place, so already I've been making a list of what furniture will need to go, as well as what I'll need to forge myself a border-crossing future.

    To start, I've been researching available classes, the sort that would give me a foundation of skills upon which to build an actual career. Painfully, the only one that I've found that teaches precisely what I want to learn is a year long VanArts course with the currently insurmountable price-tag of about $35,000 once basic living expenses are added in. $35,000 is a terrible lot of money, especially while unemployed. If I had that kind of dosh sitting in a bank account, I could easily put a down payment on a cute little house in Seattle and be done with it. Alternatives, however, are tricky to come by, as the only local school/course that's better costs the same plus the expense of moving to the Comox Valley, which is even more beyond my means. (Unless I attempt to live with my not-actually-aunt who wants me to have her baby.) So the next step is looking into student loans and what sort of financing is available, as well as attempting, somehow, to teach myself some of the skills required, even though I don't have those resources either. Yes, this last week has been full of terror, why do you ask?

    Tomorrow I'm attending an information session for the tuition-free BCIT Business Skills Training Program, with intent to enroll. In a perfect world, it will help everything fall in line. Training that leads to a job that leads to enough money to pay for school that leads to a better job that pays enough for me to leave Vancouver. Talk about a happy ending.
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  • 50 years of cyborgs: I have not the words.
  • First footage of this year's Dr. Who christmas special.

    I had the excellent luck of sharing the train back to Vancouver from Seattle with Cherie yesterday morning, as she happens to be the Guest of Honor at Vcon this weekend. It was a delightful treat to see her again, it's been wretchedly long since we've cut up a dance floor. She's been too busy promoting her steampunk novel, Boneshaker, and being nominated for the Hugo to be social. Luckily, with such delightful reasons for absence, the heart can only grow fonder. The sequel, her latest book, Dreadnought, just dropped this week, and I'd recommend snagging as soon as you can. I brought Boneshaker to Burning Man and read it three times just on the ride there.

    I'm also going to be attending Vcon this year for the first time. So many friends are involved that it's more than a little silly that I've never been. (For example, Micheal, the fellow that picked Cherie and I up from the train station, brought us to my place, interviewed her, then took us for lunch, turned out to be Pauline's father, because Vancouver is small and the sci-fi geek population even smaller than that.) It starts this afternoon and goes until Sunday, with a Steampunk themed dance on Saturday night.
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    A user’s guide to websites, part 1: If it wasn’t broken why fix it?

    Last day in Seattle, I'm using it up the best I can, tidying the chaos, taking on the bedroom, battling the entropy Tony's apartment seems to have developed in my absence. (This entire trip has been well spent: conquering the post-burning man disaster, finally introducing Tony to Jake Appelbaum, running into Rafael, bringing a successful dinner to newly-pregnant Becca...) It comforts me, seeing how much of my influence is still embedded here, even as I've been feeling shut out, trapped in Canada, by sickness, injuries and finances.

    So far I've unearthed six full loads of laundry, a number of books we've been meaning to read, two previously buried suitcases, two large boxes of miscellany, a full length mirror, a bed canopy, and the floor. Also, I must admit, a significant amount of housewifely satisfaction. There's a possibility that he may not notice how much effort I put into improving his surroundings, but it brings me comfort anyway, just to be able to give back.

    I also signed up for driving lessons with Young Drivers of Canada today. My mother's ex, Pat, offered a few months ago to pay for driving lessons, and now that I'm on the dole, I can afford to take the time to follow through. My first class is on Wednesday, October 13th, somewhere out by Metrotown, and continue for a total of eight classes, Monday and Wednesday evenings, until November 8th. I'm vaguely terrified, given that cars are big, speedy, heavy death machines, but on the other hand, if that idiot down the street who catcalls me at the bus-stop can learn to drive, so can I.
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    Today: Prepare food, (vegetables, chinese food), (eat ice-cream to make room in freezer, oh noes), pick up birth control, extra extra sunscreen, bike, ribbon/string for hat, more underwear, long sleeve shirts, travel mug, extra water bottle, pack WD-40, zap-straps, fill the dishwasher, mod some shirts, do laundry.

    I've been calling my optometrist, to replace my misplaced contacts prescription, but have been getting no answer, no matter which branch I call.
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    Picaboo is offering free large, hardcover photo books! Your only cost is shipping ($8.99). Use code FREEBK through August 31, 2010.

    Things are coming together. I traded Gustavo a photoshoot for a working PC, (which should completely solve my computer issues), I found cheap playa bikes on Craiglist, and Ray and I bought a bike rack together that he'll keep after Burning Man.

    Next up: processing Gustavo's photos, dropping paperwork off at social services, transferring some debt money, finding a basket for my bike, attaching it, replacing the seat, putting air in the tires, cleaning house and rinsing out the jam jars for Sunday Tea, getting on top of the laundry and the mending, readying my room for vaccuming, testing the camelback I won in an on-line riddle contest, finding my wedding gown skirt, (which might be in Seattle), cutting up t-shirts, packing clothes for Burning Man, finding a desert sun hat, making a photobook, finishing Tanith's haircut, tossing out the shredded old blankets, putting the videos someone left here a year ago out free in the alley, finishing my website, (self-portrait gallery and About page), dying my hair, checking my tent for Lung, emptying out the bench and putting it up on Craigslist, cashing in the change tin at the money counting machine ($150!), conjuring groceries out of the result, as well as four caster wheels for the little pink table, magic wrap for the broken hose, and a replacement handle for the chest of drawers, all while trying to find a job.
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    Things I have not been mentioning here: I attended Matthew David Cale and Sarah Rose Edward-Noelle's wedding on Monday, and, coincidentally, am planning to attend Matthew and Sara Rose's newlywed picnic next Sunday. I hope for all the best to both couples and idly wonder if I should introduce them. Jim asked Mishka, finally, if she would marry him. She said yes. I am to be their Maid of Honour next summer and in charge of photography. I tapped Lung to do the honours while I'm standing up front, trying not to drop her ring. He and Tony and I went to see Twilight last Saturday, which was even more hilarious than the last movie. I accidentally left my hat there, but recovered it Tuesday. My mother is leaving on Friday to NYC for three weeks, where she'll meet Van Sise in person before I do, as Lung already did. I am going to be recording her show on Thursday with Paul and T. Crane before she goes. She will be out of a job when she returns, as well as down one local child, as one of my brothers just moved to Montreal to learn Asian languages in french at the Uni of Montreal. A different family member was recently arrested and spent a night in jail, but we're hoping it will turn out okay. The lawyer seems positive that charges will be dropped. At home, David has been given a raise and I am still looking for work, though not finding any. EI is still threatening to dock my social assistance, which has already dropped by a hundred dollars, no longer covering my rent. In hopes of softening that blow, I have been updating my Etsy shop, as I cannot rely on photography until my wrists have recovered. Also, to complicate matters, I am running out of space to put digital photos, a situation that will only grow more dire the longer I do not have access to my work computer, which continues to blackscreen during boot. On a more positive note, Van Sise sent me a vintage medium format pinhole camera so I will be able to take pictures at Burning Man. (I'm unwilling to risk my camera with playa dust). I have not used one since highschool, when I made a shoddy one from a shoebox, so it should prove to be a very interesting experiment.
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    Good news!!

    In the past two weeks, I've gone to the physiotherapist twice. First for my shoulder, second for my ankle. The first appointment was nothing special. He gave me some isometric exercises to practice at home, to strengthen my muscles and ligaments without moving them around, and hooked me up to a TENS machine that left bruised hickey octopus sucker marks all over my skin. The second appointment, though, which focused on my ankle, was a little bit life changing. Turns out, and why none of the doctors ever figured this out, I don't know, my ankle was dislocated! The physiotherapist did a few motion tests, prodded conclusively with his fingers, then, incredibly, just pressed the bones back into place. It was a very peculiar feeling, but the relief was immediate. There's still pain, but it's a dull ache instead of a chronic, constant sharp pressure, and the brain fuzziness that accompanied it is almost entirely gone.

    It seems that when I went rollerblading in broken boots all those years ago, the compression of the ill fit slowly shoved my bones out of place, wrecking some of the connective tissue and setting a precedent in the flesh for it to slip out in future, much like my shoulder, which is why my injury would flare up randomly when I ran or even stepped off a curb the wrong way.

    To finally have an ultimate solution, to be able to stand and walk and know what was wrong, has been revolutionary. I have been given exercises to keep it in place - standing on one foot on a balance board, twenty minutes on a stationary bike, pushing with the other foot to give it a ride, and fifty pound leg presses, as gently as possible - and the fellow that sold us my new ankle brace recommended a very good series of stretches, where you trace out the alphabet in the air with your toes. My problems now are only healing and strength. Healing, to get over the tiny soft tissue tears from misplaced bones, and strength, to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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    Due to a sudden family emergency that I'm at a loss to speak to any one about, but that's serious and scary and bizarre, I am going to be very, very unavailable for the next while.

    I may be slow to reply to messages and not very good at keeping in touch and for that I apologize in advance. Life was already going through a bumpy patch, (unemployed, crippled, on welfare, in severe and crushing debt, a rather lousy handful of adjectives), but my injuries are now very low on my list of problems. Some incredibly bad things have just happened and I have to take care of my family.

    Please and thank you for your understanding.

    ps. this is unrelated to my dangerous dad. don't worry that someone's out to kill us. it's not quite that bad.
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    Glasses: Acquired! Still need to learn how to use contacts.
    Taxes: On hold until I speak to an accountant. (T4's arrived. Completed half the back-filing forms. 2009 needs another double-check.)
    Employment: Started JobWave's unemployment program, missed most of the first week due to illness. Going to make it up next week. Have more minimum wage transcription work. No recent job prospects or call-backs, no upcoming interviews.
    School: GED test results arrive in two weeks. Need to research night-school/possible grants. Social Services may pay for a First Aid certificate.
    Driving: Plan to sign up for September Young Drivers of Canada classes.
    Photography: Updated my Etsy store, A Thread of Grace. Liking the unfinished, rough, new One/two shoot(s) booked for next week.
    Cleaning: Room is a post-illness disaster. Laundry is becoming serious as I avoid the required stairs. Boxes of miscellany need to be sorted, tidied, reintegrated into my room. Room need to be sorted, tidied, reintegrated into my room.
    Repairs: Computer won't boot. Coat rack still broken. The antique chest of drawers is missing a handle. Old microwave needs to be recycled. New Craigslist-score countertop dishwasher needs a hose fixed/needs a home in the apartment. Camera card possibly on the fritz.
    Health: Still recovering from last week's super sickness. Also down to only one limb. Right toe still broken, as is, possibly, another bone inside the foot. Right ankle is a useless ruin. Right shoulder still shredded from a car accident. Left arm in a sling, likely strained.
    Finances: Currently relying on Social Services, which pays rent +$75. EI claims I owe them $1000+ with a minimum payment of $200. Credit card maxed yesterday on groceries. Other immediate personal debt = $9000. Appox. complete and total debt = $27000.*

    *Last year was devoted to working my way into back into the black, grinding away at my debt, and doing very little else. I spent as many hours at work as I could taking small jobs around my nine to five, writing articles until late into the night, no job too small, no task too tiny, and very quietly, with as little fuss as possible, I managed to squeeze my debt down from an impossible fifty-five thousand to a relatively small none thousand. (There's another sixteen-thousand I owe someone that's been put on hold). My social life suffered, my stability suffered, and financially, every penny was earned only to be given away. When I was suddenly laid off in December, I had no savings to catch me, except for some that I had already allocated to debt. Since then, every un(der)employed month has been a trial, stressful, agonizing, a battle for basic necessities, and yet, while I am aware that food and shelter come first, the desire to whittle down that elusive final nine to zero still gnaws me to sleep.
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    What a roller-coaster! I started my week long 9 am - 4 pm employment program on Monday, luckily landing in with a bunch of unusually clever folks, only to fall deathly ill late Tuesday afternoon, (so feverish I deliriously went into convulsions and my mother stayed the night taking care of me), right after booking a wedding shoot for Saturday. All of Wednesday was lost to recovery, and today the fact that I only fell down once while walking around my apartment has been an incredible victory. Tomorrow I'm going back to my program anyway, then calling the groom, who I have never met and do not know, to finalize details, before meeting Tony's bus from Seattle, and racing as fast as possible on a broken foot over to the Folk Fest to catch Shane on the main stage. On Saturday morning, after what will feel like not half enough sleep, I will finally meet the bride and groom as they pick me up on their way to pick up a sailboat, which we will then sail over to the wedding, where I'm going to do my damnedest to not fall off a dock while trying to stay out of everyone's line of sight while still getting good pictures, while Tony likely sets off for the Folk Fest market, carrying my extra gear. If all goes well, we'll meet later at Granville Island for more pictures, the reception, and more pictures, where, who knows, maybe I'll even sit down. Will I be okay being so busy after being so sick and running around on broken bones? I don't know, but I can tell you this - I certainly don't have any plans yet for Sunday. Except to go to an evening movie and, oh yeah, Folk Fest until I drop. Hah!
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    Glasses: Acquired!
    Taxes: T4's arrived. Completed half the back-filing forms. 2009 needs another double-check.
    Employment: Signed up for welfare. Started JobWave. Have more transcription work.
    Fri: Employment Services 9 am - 12 pm
    School: GED testing is this weekend.
    Fri: Math 5:45pm - 7:15, Science 7:30 pm - 8:50.
    Sat: Language Arts 9:30 am - 11:30, Reading 12:20pm - 1:25, Social Studies 1:50 pm - 2:50.
    Driving: Need to find out when I'm available for Young Drivers of Canada classes. Likely September.
    Photography: Uploaded the rough draft of the new One shoot booked for next week.
    Cleaning: Almost all of my things are back in my room. Only boxes of miscellany remain. Currently doing laundry.
    Repairs: Microwave replaced. Computer won't boot. Coat rack still broken. The antique chest of drawers is missing a handle.
    Exercise: Difficult with a broken toe, damaged ankle, & wrecked shoulder, but welfare gives me access to Community Center facilities I otherwise could not afford. Suggestions?
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    "Like a Dude", a commissioned photo for Brenno Van Sise. Purchase your own from my etsy shop, A Thread of Grace.

    Taxes: T4's arrived, but I mis-answered in the tax booklet. Again. Need replacement paperwork.
    Employment: Spoke with Social Services this morning. Have a second interview with a video game company on Friday afternoon. Have more transcription work. Topic, Twitter.
    School: Finally finished the arithmetic section of my maths book. Will test myself in three days. Next up, algebra. Tests are soon.
    Driving: Need to hash out when I'm available for Young Drivers of Canada classes.
    Photography: Updated and polished the Etsy store. One commission shot today. One shoot booked for later this week.
    Cleaning: Almost all of my things are back in my room. Only boxes of miscellany remain.
    Repairs: One of the cats pulled down our coat rack. The microwave suddenly does not turn on. The antique chest of drawers is missing a handle.

    Other than all that, life consists mostly of tidying the apartment, doing laundry, folding things, investigating what might be left to try and sell on Craigslist, sending off endless, repetitive cover letters and resume, and wishing I had slightly more to eat. To shake things up a little, I went to visit Jenn and Steve today, who were darling, and stayed until almost far too late. As a bonus, I finally got a tour of the townhouse that they bought (which was also darling). Spurred on by this feat, I have once again reinstated my desire to see people again. I've been significantly more active lately than I have been over the last few months, as if I'm climbing, fumbling, out of winter, drained by gray and tired, into the bright social buzz of spring and summer, but I fear it's not enough. As a gentle nudge back into the light, tomorrow's plans are similar, mixing as they do the regular flat responsibilities of life, returning bottles, taking out the recycling, with sweet, social escape in the form of a tasty lunch with Sara. Her wedding is coming up, too. Seems to be the year for it, though I have physical evidence that I cringed away from Lisa's bouquet.

    oh airfare

    Jun. 4th, 2010 12:56 pm
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    Taxes: On hiatus while out of country. Should be filed by the end of next week.
    Employment: Had a successful phone interview yesterday. A follow-up in person interview is being scheduled for next week.
    School: Currently taking preparatory practice tests. Acing everything but math, which is not a surprise.
    Driving: Pat has offered to pay for Young Drivers of Canada classes, which I will set up once back in Canada.
    Giant Mirror: Julie has kindly agreed to trade it for sewing Kyle's wedding cravat.
    Painting: Out of my hands. Being done while out of the country.
    Print Sale: Took and sold a number of pictures yesterday, one a commission.

    Total Tally: Not too shabby.

    My mother is driving down to meet us in Seattle this weekend. As a joint Mother's Day and birthday present, Tony snagged Kooza Cirque tickets for the three of us for this Sunday. Spangles, tumblers, feats of incredible beauty? I'm dreadfully excited. Our very first date was to Teatro Tzinzanni, a dinner-theater circus in a spiegeltent, and then for every other Saturday that month we went to see Circus Contraption as they performed their very last shows ever. We went again to Teatro on Hallowe'en for our six month anniversary and won Staff-pick Guest of Honour at their costume contest. To go to the circus for my birthday ties it all together so nicely it makes my chest hurt.

    Part of the reason I desperately want my print sale to work is so that I can gift him back with something equally as splendid, if not more. He takes care of me in ways that I never even dreamed of, so though there are a few things I could fundraise for, what I have particularly in mind is a weekend trip to see the Funundrum, the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus show celebrating the 200th anniversary of P.T. Barnum's birthday, playing Jun 17 - Jun 20 in Vegas, as they're the apex of American circus culture, elephants and all. The show is coming to Seattle as well, but in August, the same dates we plan to be away at Burning Man. Plus, in Vegas we could stay at the Circus Circus, the most appropriate theme-venue possible.

    It's not the hotel rates that slay me, though, or even the circus tickets themselves. It's the airfare. As far as I can find, the lowest there and back is more than my rent, more than my credit card limit. It is, however, only 25 - 60 prints sold.
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    File Taxes

    My mother came over last weekend and stayed until four in the morning helping me figure out how to fill out my taxes. Turns out the reason I couldn't make heads nor tails of any of it was that I was missing an essential piece of paperwork. Without this bit of paperwork, the main form can't be filled out. Problem solved. All that's left is some adding.

    Finish Highschool

    A completed application to sit the test at VCC on July 9th and 10th has been faxed to the Ministry of Education. I'm not sure the next step, if I receive confirmation or not, but I'm sure it will be fine.

    Learn to drive

    I passed my written Learner's test today. My official Learner's License will arrive in the mail in the next six weeks. Next step: unearthing patient friends with cars. Also, bizarrely, I was told I have two skytrain tickets, from a time when I did not live in Vancouver.


    Next thing to do is tidy all the clutter, push some furniture into the livingroom, and cover everything else in sheets. If I were more together, this would be done by Friday, so the cat-hair could settle while I was away and it would be ready to smoothly paint when I come back to Canada. As is, left to my own devices, the best I will likely manage is to beat down most of the mess.
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    File Taxes

    The woman at my appointment said not to worry about my back-filing, just to get last year's paperwork in as soon as I could, but I'm finding it a struggle. Does anyone know how to do this based only on income? I don't have any T4's, any proper employment slips, only cheque stubs that list the amount I was paid.

    Finish Highschool

    First-Time Writing Fee = $60.00. To take the test, I must submit a completed APPLICATION TO WRITE GED TESTS form and appropriate fees to the GED Testing Service in Victoria. The next tests are on June 4th & 5th, but the paperwork needs to be in a month ahead of time, so July 9 & 10 are more likely. It takes both days to attend all of the exams. ("The five tests take seven hours and twenty-five minutes to complete.")

    Learn to drive

    I have been taking the ICBC Online Practice Knowledge Test for learner’s licence almost every single day, and consistantly scoring in the 90% range. Once I return to Canada, it's $15, a vision test, and I'll officially have a Learner's Permit. Next step: unearthing patient friends with cars.

    Learn something new

    The constant search for employment is wearing me down. It's been fruitless for months, now. Rent is looming, no one's calling me back. I want to learn some marketable skills, give myself some direction. Does anyone know of any education assistance programs? My income is essentially zero right now, and I'm running out of ideas.


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